Well, hello there!

Welcome, and thanks for stopping by. As you can see from the “About” section to your left, I am a singer/songwriter living in Brooklyn, NY. Since moving here nearly ten years ago, I have had the good fortune to play with some amazing musicians in the local Americana and roots music community.

Primarily, I’m proud to be 1/5 of Bobtown, a harmony-driven, darkly witty hootenanny of a band, featuring Katherine Etzel, Jen McDearman, Fred Stesney & Alan Lee Backer. I also play in The Evangelines, sit in with American String Conspiracy (led by Bobtown emeritus, Gary Keenan), and sing quirky duets in an as-yet-unnamed project with songwriter extraordinaire Dave Keener. And then there’s that nagging solo project, which I hope to be able to share with you later this year.

Despite the fact that I pay my rent as a “web professional,” I have been slow to put up my own site. As they say, the cobbler’s children have no shoes. So this, my friends, is my own little wooden sabot. I’ll be posting information about upcoming shows and project updates here. I hope you enjoy it.


2 Responses to Well, hello there!

  1. Just checked out your videos. You guys are great. I even went to itunes and bought it. Glad you are doing so good.

  2. Thanks, Tracie! That’s awfully sweet of you. Your photographs are beautiful, not to mention your stunning family!

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