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This Saturday: Huntington Folk Festival

Bobtown is headlining the Huntington Folk Festival on (in?) Long Island this Saturday! Additionally, I’m playing solo on the Acoustic Live! and stages. It should be a lovely (and hopefully rain-free) day in Heckscher Park!


Acoustic Live!, presented by Richard Cuccaro:
1:00 Lisa Jane Lipkin
1:15 Jenai Huff and Eugene Ruffolo
1:30 Karen Dahlstrom
1:45 Susan Kane
2:00 Chris Fuller
2:15 Mark Allen Berube
2:30 Judy Kass
2:45 Mya Byrne
3:00 The YaYas
3:15 Wool&Grant
3:30 Brad Cole
3:45 Marci Geller
4:00 Paul Sachs
4:30 Libby Koch
4:15 David Goldman
4:45 Robinson Treacher
5:00 Honor Finnegan
5:15 My Dad’s Truck
5:30 Gerry McKeveny
5:45 Scott Wolfson & Other Heroes, presented by Michael Kornfeld:
12:00 My Dad’s Truck
12:15 Julie Corbalis, Toby Tobias, Dylan Sneed, Robinson Treacher
1:00 Mya Byrne, Brad Cole, Wool & Grant
1:30 Alex Mallett, Kat Quinn, Villa Patagonia
2:00 The YaYas
2:15 Kerrville New Folk Winners: Honor Finnegan, Josh Joffen, Matt Nakoa, Paul Sachs
3:00 The Wisch List: Robert Bruey, Jenai Huff and Eugene Ruffolo
3:45 Scott Wolfson & Other Heroes
4:00 Women’s Voices: Karen Dahlstrom, Christine DeLeon, Judy Kass
4:30 All Keyed-Up: Marci Geller, Craig Greenberg , Lisa Jane Lipkin
5:00 Americana-Roots Country: Emma Brooke, Loretta Hagen, Susan Kane, Libby Koch

8:00 Tribute to Pete Seeger
8:30 Bobtown (90-min set)

SXSW Adjacent!

Hey all, I’m playing a couple of shows in Austin next week as part of the Not SXSW music series! If you’re going to SXSW this year, do yourself a favor and catch some of this series. There are some fabulous performers on the schedule, and I plan to catch as many as possible.

But if you want to see ME ME ME in Austin next week, here’s where you can find me:

Leave work early!
Wed. 3/12, 5:30p
G&S Lounge – Music Room (upstairs)

2420 S 1st St., Austin

Come on your lunch break!
Fri. 3/14, 12:30p
G&S Lounge – Music Room (upstairs)

2420 S 1st St., Austin

See y’all in Tejas!!

Countdown to SWRFA and NERFA

I just love saying “-eRFA”. Someday, maybe I could play all of the -eRFA conferences, but right now I’m super-excited to be playing two of the biggies: SWRFA (South West Regional Folk Alliance) and NERFA (Northeast Regional Folk Alliance)!

SWRFA starts this week in Austin, and I could not be more happy to take another trip down to Texas. I love Austin, and I’m looking forward to reconnecting with all the lovely people I met this year at the Kerrville Folk Festival. Getting an Official Showcase spot is icing on the cake. Well, a TUB of icing, really. I think I’m still in sugar shock!

In November, I’ll head up to the delightfully-named Kerhonkson, NY to NERFA. Sleep will not be an option, as I have somehow been blessed with several showcases as a solo artist (including the coveted Suzi Wollenberg Folk DJ Showcase!) and Bobtown has nefarious plans to carpet-bomb the lobby with our stompin’ and hollerin’!

My solo showcase schedules so far:

SWRFA – Holiday Inn Midtown, Austin, TX
Friday, 9-27
2:20p – 1st-Timers Showcase, Hosted by Paul Barker – Room #904
11:10p – Guerilla Showcase, Hosted by Emily Lively – Room TBD

Saturday, 9-28
7:30-10:00p – Official Showcase Concert – Hill Country Ballroom CD

NERFA – Hudson Valley Resort and Spa, Kerhonkson, NY
Thursday, 11-7
8:00-11:45p – Suzi Wollenberg DJ Showcase – The Bentley

Friday, 11-8
12:50am – Common Ground Roadhouse Guerilla Showcase, Hosted by Carter Smith – Room TBD
1:45am – It’s Folkin’ Awesome Guerilla Showcase, Hosted by Jess Razzi – Room TBD

Off to Falcon Ridge!

Starting on Thursday, Bobtown will be playing a host of showcases at this year’s Falcon Ridge Folk Festival — not the least of which is the awesome Emerging Artists Showcase! I’m so proud that Bobtown gets to be a part of this festival, and I’m honored to be asked to fit in a little solo showcase, too. It’s going to be 4 days of crazy footstompin’, hollerin’ fun. I can’t wait!

If you’re going to Falcon Ridge this year, here’s our showcase schedule. We’ll also be playing around whenever we can. Look for the loons with the huge grins. That’ll be Bobtown!

Hillsdale, NY

11:00pm – Budgiedome (pre-fest performance for the earlybird campers)

3:00pm – Main Stage, Emerging Artist Showcase
12:15am – Focus Music Tent Song Swap
1:25am – @ Pirate Camp
2:00am – Karen Dahlstrom solo at Budgiedome

2:45pm – Acoustic Live! Tent on the Midway
12:45am – Budgiedome

I’m a Kerrville New Folk Finalist!

I’m surprised, delighted and deeply honored to announce that I’ve been chosen to participate as one of 32 finalists in the Grassy Hill New Folk Competition at the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas next month!

I KNOW, RIGHT? I had to double-check with them to be sure. This, as they say, is “kind of a big deal” in my little corner of the music world. Forget about winning, I’m just excited go down there to play and to meet so many fantastic musicians. And I’m doubly blessed that my Austin-based family will be able to come and experience it with me! Can I get a YEEHAW?!?!

See You at the Shore

With all the great stuff that’s been happening with Bobtown, I haven’t had much time to play out on my own of late. But this weekend, I’ll be down at the Singer-Songwriter Cape May conference in New Jersey for a little solo time. I’m playing the Martini Beach showcase on Saturday at 10pm. It’s my first visit to “the shore,” and my first conference as a solo artist! I’ve got a new dress and I’m all tuned up — now, let’s hope for some nice spring weather for a change…

Mini-Tours in May

I’m happy to (finally) say that I’ve lined up some shows out West. It’s a great excuse to see some old friends, while trying to get “out there,” so to speak. Next week, I head out to Salt Lake, then Boise and Portland and ending up in San Francisco.

At the end of May, I’ll be heading South with my friends Hilary Hawke and Brian Geltner (Dubl-Handi). Very exciting!

Tour dates are posted on the schedule page. I just may coming to your town. If I do, please stop by, say hello and support live music!

Americana-UK Review: “A wonderfully sinister debut”

Our Americana-lovin’ friends from across the pond gave Gem State a lovely review and an 8/10 score. I can’t wait to get over there and smooch every last one of them.

‘Gem State’ provides a gorgeous introduction to the work of New York based songwriter Karen Dahlstrom. Throughout the EP, Dahlstrom sings wonderfully dark Americana songs of love, loss and regret, all based around her home state of Idaho.

Each track on ‘Gem State’ displays a different layer of Dahlstrom’s talent. The sinister opener ‘The Miner’s Bride’, draws the listener in to hear her sad tale about a bride who has lost her true love to war, whilst the beautiful melody of ‘Galena’ masks the forlorn story of life in a nineteenth century mining camp (“We broke our backs to charm her / Gave her our blood and our bones / Until we won her gracious favour / In a bed among the stones”).

Although the lyrical content of ‘Gem State’ never broaches anywhere above the level of miserable, each track still has a disarming beauty to it. This may have a great deal to do with Dahlstrom’s own voice, an instrument which carries an edgy haunting quality, highlighted most spectacularly in the a cappella song ‘Streets Of Pocatello’. At only five tracks, the record is a quick listen. Dahlstrom certainly leaves her listeners eagerly awaiting the release of a full-length album.

Hey Mr. DJ

Folk-DJ posted their charts for February, and I was both shocked and delighted to see my EP there. Thanks so much to all the DJs who are giving Gem State a spin. This is unbelievably awesome for me.

#18 – Gem State (EP)

#2 – “The Miner’s Bride”
#18 – “The Streets of Pocatello”

#23 – Karen Dahlstrom

You can check out the charts at

Bring Your Schmoopie

Come on down to Jalopy on Valentine’s Day for a fabulous show, hosted by the lovely birthday girl, Jan Bell! All of us will be singing songs from our latest projects. I love Jan. I love Jalopy. I think you will, too!

8:30 – Karen Dahlstrom
9:00 – Alex Battles
10:00 – Jan Bell and the Maybelles (Megan Palmer & Tim Lüntzel), with special guests Jolie Holland and Will Scott

ONLY $10!!! Seriously, what’s not to love?

Jalopy Theater
315 Columbia St. (bet. Hamilton & Woodhull)
Brooklyn, NY